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Past Projects

Fort Bliss/Army Corps of Engineers/New Veterans Hospital 
Welbrook Rehab Hospital, Las Cruces, NM (Design /Build) 
First Baptist Church/Las Cruces, NM 
El Paso Intelligence Center DEA Epic Solar Array Project/Ft. Bliss, TX 
White Sands Missile Range/Department of Public Work
White Sands Missile Range/Building 128, 129 & 131 
White Sands Missile Range/Roadway Markings & Signage 
White Sands Missile Range/Headquarter Ave Museum Entrance 
City of Bayard cemetery, Bayard, NM 
Tennis Courts at White Sands Missile Range, NM 
 NASA/White Sands Test Facility/Jacobs Technology, Inc. 
BLM/Kinder Morgan/Gary, NM 
BLM/Kinder Morgan/Deming NM 
NASA/White Sands Test Facility/Jacobs Technology, Inc 
Forward Gate projects Phase 1,2, and 3 
Facebook Data storage facility, Los Lunas, NM 
Dona Ana County Flood Commission/Tellbrooks Dam   
Dona Ana County/Las Alturas Fire Department 
City of Las Cruces/Utility Work/New Construction/Sewer line & manholes  
NMSU Landfill Closure/New Mexico State University 
 Ft. Bayard Hospital/State of New Mexico/Bayard, NM 
Union Pacific Rail Road/Santa Teresa, NM 
Reptile Center at the zoo / City of El Paso, TX   
Northrise 28 Development/Las Cruces, NM 
City of Anthony, New Mexico Department of Transportation

Dona Ana County/Berino Pond Phase II 
Sierra County Flood Commission/T or C, NM 
Dona Ana County/ La Union Emergency Dam Repair 
Hamlet Mortgage Investment/Desert Shadows Drainage Channel 
Synthetic Grass install, NM & TX 
At Various Locations of Over 45,000 Sqft installed in the past 36 months   


*Earth Work for Helicopter Pads, *Soil Stabilizing, *Clearing & grubbing, *Dust control, *SWPPP, *Earth Work for 15 acres for site improvement, *Watch over Engineering, surveying process, *Storm water management, *Paving, *Curb & gutters, RCB culverts, *Fencing chain link and security, *Riprap, *water velocity control concrete structures, *Irrigation System, *Landscaping, *Concrete, *Hydroseeding, *Import fill , *Pressure booster pump, *Alternative Solar Power Fields. *Storm Water Retention Ponds, *Utility Work, *4D model Earth work, *Import fill 15,000 Cu yd, *ADA Ramps, *Parking lot removal, *Demo Existing structure, *Bio Retention ponds, *Remodel 4 tennis courts, *Bleachers, *Wind breaker screens, *Coating per USTA specs, *Earth stabilizing around new construction and Missile test pads, *Gabion baskets, *Wattles, *Riprap, *Stone slinger services, *Foundation prep for fiberoptic line, *Aquatic life  ponds, *Gas and road reconstruction, *Slope armoring with grouted rock, *Storm water channelization, *Storm water lift station, *Road improvements, *Repair of eroded drop structure including slope protection cement dam separation, *Repair of washed out arroyos through-out Sierra County caused by fire/flooding eroding, *Emergency repair of dam washed out by flooding to prevent damage to residents, *3500’ x 200’ diversion channel with concrete dissipaters and slope armoring with grouted rock 

“Please CONTACT US for all areas of expertise our team can offer to assist you with a successful project.”


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